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Uniforms For All: Uniform Recycling Project

Uniforms For All (UFA) presents the high school Uniform Recycling Project. Mahlia Neely, the President of UFA describes the initiative as her brainchild. Ms. Neely, an incoming senior at Queen’s College, was influenced by her grandmother, Mildred’s Gordon, who was a custodian at Bahamas Academy. The kind woman kept laundered uniforms in a little room to administer to students who had accidents during school hours or who couldn’t afford them.

Their mission is:

“To recycle used uniforms for all high schools in New Providence. Donated uniforms will be mended, laundered and redistributed to those students in need free of charge. Many students have perfectly good uniforms that they no longer use or have outgrown. Simultaneously, many students are in need of uniforms for varying reasons. UFA’s mission is to connect that unused uniform with the student who can use it! It is an island-wide effort meant to not only assist those students in need but to also unite/ galvanize student leaders from high schools in New Providence schools in this effort.”

From July 2nd, 2018 to July 30th, 2018, if you have uniforms (seventh grade to twelfth grade)  to donate, you can visit Solomon’s Yamacraw, Solomon’s Supercenter, or Cost Right to drop them off. Visit one of the desks, ask for the location of the hampers, fill out a tag and place it on the bag of donations, and toss it into the bin.  If you are unable to donate a uniform, monetary donations will be accepted. UFA also welcomes the help of seamstresses and laundry facilities for the second phase of their initiative to get the uniforms in tip-top shape.

The person who donates the most uniforms will be awarded a $250.00 gift card to John Bull Business Center. Please make sure the uniforms are in good condition. Do not donate what you would not want your children to wear.

If you are interested in receiving a uniform for a child in high school, contact them at (242) 804 – 2466 or (242) 432 – 0363 or  Their website will be published in the next two weeks.


Thank you to the students for creating this wonderful initiative and thank you to anyone who donates!

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