Talent Bios

Tony Williams Edwin "Tony" Williams has over 30 years of experience as an announcer. He served as Programme Director and Assistant Vice President responsible for programming and production at a major media house for 14 years. In these positions Tony was responsible for pretty much everything that went on air. Apart from that he was usually trying to fix something which has coined him the nickname of "MacGyver". He has saved many a broadcast due to his knowledge of equipment and ability to turn a paper clip into a fuse without electrocuting himself or burning down the station. Prior to that, he spent 18 years with ZNS.

Tony has co-hosted "The Breakfast Club" for the past 7 years, and he says he believes he could make another seven if he can get another co-host.....but Brad wouldn't take Greg off his hands, so who knows what's in store for the future?

These days Tony is more interested in keeping his hair cut and as black as possible so he can look the part on the newest, hottest radio station in the country....Star 106.5 FM.

Greg Lampkin Greg has been in the business longer than Tony.....and still doesn't know half as much, which doesn't faze him in the least. He figures that if he knew as much as Tony he might try to make a fuse out of a paper clip too, but would probably reduce the station to ashes in minutes.

So he's just gonna keep on doin' what he does best in the morning…and has been doing for the past 12 years...make coffee...mistakes and people happy. Well maybe not happy, but at least able to tolerate the fact that they're on their way to work. That's what it's all about...good-times in the morning with Tony & Greg 5:30am to 9:30am on Star 106.5 FM....The newest, hottest radio station in the country!



Tessa, The High heeled lady of radio loves to cook... and she's gonna boil your water 9:30am-12;30pm Monday to Friday on the Star 106.5fm. This lady of high fashion says that music is her go to, feel good remedy.. and she always feels good. Tessa Monet is new, fresh and clean, to the on air scene, and she's ready to take you on a " Rendezvous ". Check out Tessa's Word Drop of the day, Food For Thought, Fashion Tips and get into the groove with her Disco Mix. Tessa Monet, the high fashioned well heeled lady of radio  on The " Rendezvous " Monday- Friday 9:30am- 12:30pm and Saturdays 2pm-6pm... By the way she loves Reggae and Sade... Go Figure.

Brad Hanna aka "Old School Master" Nassau's new Star 106.5 FM is more than happy to welcome versatile broadcaster Brad Hanna as host of it's "Midday Café". Brad joins the "All-Star Team" of experienced media personalities with a radio and tv career that spans more than 20years.

Brad's radio and television experience has taken him from the sales offices of ZNS to host of The Morning Show on 1540 AM, to radio and television sports anchor; paving the way for his live coverage of some of the most exciting sports events in the world. Eventually however, his love for music took precendence and now, more than qualifies him as "The Old School Master"....a perfect fit for the new Star format of "Today's R&B and Yesterday's Classic Soul".

Brad's personality, knowledge and presentation makes it "easy on the ears" and no doubt the offices and businesses will have a special treat weekdays 12:30pm - 4:30pm with the Star Midday Café.

Roscoe Dames

Roscoe Dames, has brought over 30 years of experience as an accomplished multi-media professional to the "All Star Team" ranging from broadcasting to producing and hosting major concerts and festivals.

His diverse experience and professional know-how is now fusing a unique global marketing and entertainment brand that is synonymous with success.

He has produced major jazz festivals in The Bahamas; coordinated video productions; produced and programmed his own nationwide no.1 rated radio program; hosted a weekly televised cooking extravaganza for the country's lartest hotel, resort and casino; in addition to hosting cruise line shows, arts and beauty pageants.

Along the way, Dames has worked with a number of notable music figures including: Arturo Sandoval, Oleta Adams, Herbie Hancock, Sheila Raye Charles, John Beasley, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea, Earl Klugh, Rick Braun, Peter White, David Sanborn, Davey Yarborough, Duke Ellington School of the Arts and Chuck Mangione to name a few.

Roscoe hosts, "Roscoe's Kitchen," "Whispers in the Dark" and "Jazz-The Radio Show" here on Star 106.5FM. Check our "Shows On Air" listing for days and times for Roscoe's shows.